We want to earn your trust to be your sensible guide and your pet's doctor for generations to come. Our collaborative approach includes your input every step of the way with easy to understand explanations of diagnostic findings, expected outcomes and risks, treatment plans and cost estimates. Trust is critical, Dr. Kuester and her amazing team will gain it through her expansive knowledge in General Practice, Urgent and Emergency Care. Like our predecessors Dr. Grinsell and Dr. Sara have for the last 48 years, we are here to care for you and your animals throughout their lives.

Dr. Rachel Kuester


Dr. Kuester is incredibly well rounded. Over the last 10 years, she has worked at SAGE Veterinary Centers as Urgent Care and Emergency Doctor; in single as well as 15 doctor General Practice (GP) hospitals. Her in-depth experiences in combination with our state of the art diagnostic equipment will more efficiently get the information needed to correctly, quickly diagnose your pet to get it feeling better and living long, healthy lives.

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