Mya: A Case for Severe Allergies

Meet Mya, a 9 year old pitbull with the cutest personality ever! Mya’s owners struggled for years with controlling her allergies and Dr. Kuester was finally able to help them get the treatment she needed to get back to living a normal life. Her is what her owners had to say about her journey, as well as some photos they wanted to share:

“I adopted Mya at six months old in 2013. I quickly noticed the constant chewing on her paws and tail. When I contacted the shelter, they said they were aware of her allergies. The financial burden of trying to maintain her issues was most likely the reason she was put up for adoption. We’ve gone through countless vets, thousands in medical bills, and could never find a solution to her allergies. It was a constant go around of antibiotics, creams, and steroids when she had an outbreak or secondary infection. This went on for years. We knew the harmful effects steroids have as a long term treatment but we were at a standstill.

Dr. Kuester taking over the practice was a blessing. She wanted to help Mya and was confident she could find treatment other than steroids. She also understood the need to find an inexpensive way to manage Mya’s allergies long term.

The first, and biggest change, was changing Mya’s food. Not once had a vet prescribed or even recommended a hydrolyzed protein diet. Immediately, we saw results. She stopped chewing, she stopped scratching all the time, her skin healed. Friends and family all noticed how incredible her skin looked for the first time since I adopted her. Dr. Kuester also implemented monthly cytopoint injections as maintenance.

With the injections and strict food diet, Mya is no longer miserable or in pain. We know that Mya’s allergies will always be there. She will have flare ups and occasional outbreaks. But it can’t even compare to the quality of life she lived before being treated by Dr. Kuester. Not to mention we are thankful for the financial relief. We always joke she’s our $10,000 dog. Well, that’s probably an underestimate at this point.

We’re thankful for Dr. Kuester and the Truckee Meadows Vet team. They all show her so much love! The take the time to answer our questions and we sooo appreciate the follow up phone calls to check in on her. Mya loves the vet too… primarily because of the countless marshmallows. “


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